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Cocoa Beach Condos

Situated in the middle of Florida's Atlantic coast, Cocoa Beach caters to the young and the young at heart. It's all there: sun-drenched beaches, the historic pier, championship golf courses, fine dining and shopping, and, every once in a while, the magnificent sight of the space shuttle launching from Cape Canaveral.

The Meridian, Cocoa Beach, Florida

The Meridian, Cocoa Beach

Few people would disagree that life is just a bit better along the beach. But beachfront living in one of Florida's most attractive and growing Atlantic Coast regions is only one of the benefits promised by The Meridian, a Homes....
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Michelina, Cocoa Beach, FL

Michelina, Cocoa Beach, FL

Cocoa Beach developer Clifford Ray is extremely proud of two major accomplishments. One is his adult daughter, Michelle, who is about to embark on a career after completing her graduate studies. The other is a stunning, eight-story oceanfront...
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Ocean Club Condominiums, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Ocean Club Condominiums, Cocoa Beach

You can see for miles from the boardwalk that leads from Ocean Club Condominiums to the sandy Atlantic shore, and your clear view of the magnificent ocean is enhanced by the lush green space that surrounds you, offering shade for your comfort...
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The Pier Resort Condominiums, Cocoa Beach, Florida

The Pier Resort Condominiums, Cocoa Beach

You might think that purchasing a condo on this beautiful strand of ocean is beyond the realm of reality. You'll change your mind when you hear about The Pier Resort Condominiums. With pre-construction pricing still available...
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